First DASH ATM installed in Caracas Venezuela

First DASH ATM installed in Caracas Venezuela



The journalist of Unión Radio Aryeli Vera, posted a video on Twitter , where you give Details about the first Atm of BTC and Dash, which are installed in the most important city of Venezuela, Caracas.

The ATM is located in the department store Traki, at Recreo.

Traki is an important chain of stores that has been receiving cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for months and has established alliances with operators such as Cryptobuyer and the Xpay pos.




This is a pilot test that will be carried out in the store and will be one way, only to buy crypto through dollars, with a view to incorporating other bidirectional ones in a second phase where cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold in exchange for Dollars and Euros.

The operators are doing the latest tests and as of this Friday, October 4 will be operational for the use of those who want to take advantage of the technology.


Source: Union Radio



Edgar Caballero

Community leader Dash Valencia


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